Chapter Team

Executive Director - (new Executive Director to be announced soon)

Chapter Administrative Assistant (contractor) - Elizabeth Conover

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Latoya Prante Contact:


Latoya has been working towards her master's degree in Social Work because she strives to make changes in the quality of care among the elderly and Veterans mental health. Her background is in Geriatrics. She received her CNA certification 10 years ago and has been a practicing CNA ever since. Latoya is currently interning with Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council (DRMAC). While working with NASW-CO, she wants to touch on social work issues on all levels (micro, mezzo, and macro) and feels she will get that opportunity here at NASW-CO.

Chapter Intern


Alexandra Cardona, MSW Intern - University of Denver

Chapter Lobbyists (contract) Frontline Public Affairs

All members of our lobbying team are MSWs.