Colorado Chapter Governance

Overview of the Election Process

The Colorado Chapter conducts Board of Directors elections each Summer to fill positions that will become vacant on June 30th. Board service terms align with the start and end of the organization’s Fiscal Year calendar, meaning that new service terms begin July 1st.

Student Representative members hold office for one year, so these positions are included in each election cycle. Most other Board positions are two-year terms, and the terms of these members are staggered so that approximately one-half become vacant each year. The Board President serves a two-year term, after serving one year as President-Elect. The position of the President-Elect is filled with appropriate timing so that the President-Elect will serve at the same time as the President is serving their second year in office (for this reason, the President-Elect position is open for election every-other-year).

NASW membership is required to run for election to the NASW Colorado Chapter Board of Directors, and service on the NASW-CO Board of Directors is countable as “Volunteer Service” for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for licensure renewal in Colorado.

2024 Chapter Elections - Voting is Now Open!

Click HERE to learn more about the candidates & cast your vote

Voting is open from June 14th - June 28th, & all current NASW Colorado Chapter members* are eligible to vote. *Please see guidance below if you are unsure of how/where to locate your NASW Member ID #, which is required to cast your vote.

NASW-CO 2024 Board Election Graphic

Need help finding your NASW Member ID #?

Follow these simple steps to locate your NASW Member ID #, which is required to cast your vote in our current election!

To locate your Member ID #, you can log into your Membership Profile on the national NASW website by clicking here:, where you will find your Member ID # here (circled in red):

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