Advocacy for Our Profession

The Chapter advocates on issues affecting our profession in Colorado through a variety of efforts.  These efforts include participating in a coalitions and committees, relationship building with staff at government agencies, private organizations, and employer companies; attending and testifying at the DORA Social Work Examiners Board and the Colorado Assembly legislative committees; as well as meeting with local and state politicians.  

Title Protection

The term "Social Worker" is protected by Colorado Statute in CRS 12-43-405(5). This is state law, not Federal law, and may not be true in other states.  According to the law, only a person possessing a BSW, MSW, or PhD from a CSWE accredited program may practice social work and use the title social worker. Licensure is not required to use the term in Colorado, which makes sense since Colorado only has a license for Masters and clinical practice. Furthermore, only a person licensed as an LCSW may use the title clinical social worker.

If you know of any person, agency, or institution ignoring this title protection, contact DORA or the NASWCO office.

Sunset of the Mental Health Practice Act

Sunset is an important process that affects the social work profession in Colorado.  The Chapter is actively and heavily involved in the sunset of the Mental Health Practice Act, as it oversees the licensing of social work. Sunset, conducted every 7-10 years, allows various stakeholders, including professions governed under the statute, to review the law and propose changes to ensure the bill protects the public and meets the needs of  practicing professionals in Colorado. NASWCO's Board appoints a Chair of the NASWCO Sunset Committee to strategize and oversee a coordinated approach, working closely with the Chapter's lobbyist, staff, Board and Legislative Committee as well as the other Mental Health Professionals and DORA staff. See more info.