Involuntary Holds in Colorado

For information from the State Office of Behavioral Health on this law click here.

Mental Health Holds

Statute: Care & Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness (CRS Title 27-65)

Emergency Procedure (72-hour hold) - CRS 27-65-105
Who May Effect a 72-hour Hold - see CRS 27-65-105, part II, A thru E

Basic Overview:  An LCSW may initiate a 72-hour mental health hold for an individual. However, an LCSW may not resolve such a hold; that is may not remove the hold or begin the commitment process.  These steps may only be conducted by what is referred to as a "professional person", which in this part of statute is defined as a licensed psychologist or medical doctor only.

Drug and Alcohol Holds

Statute: Alcoholism and Intoxication Treatment (CRS Title 27-81)

Emergency Commitment - CRS 27-81-111

Involuntary Commitment - CRS 27-81-112