CSCSW October Salon - "Gender-Affirming Mental Health for Transgender and Gender Expansive Clients"

Presented by Cass Daniels, LCSW

NASWCO Chapter 0 183

The transgender and gender-expansive community face immense challenges when attempting to access adequate mental health services. Many in the trans community feel misunderstood by clinicians or even harmed by a lack of gender-affirming knowledge. This salon will support social work professionals in learning how to be more validating, welcoming, confident and skilled when working with the trans community. I will cover topics related to the distinction between sex, gender, and gender expression, how to best support a trans client, and information needed to write a WPATH letter for clients seeking gender-affirming medical care. This presentation will cover the basics of transness for clinicians who have not yet started to learn about trans identity as well as higher-level information for those that are interested in supporting clients on their transition journey.

CSCSW November Salon - "International Social Work"

Presented by Shawna M. Margesson, MSW, PhD

NASWCO Chapter 0 155

Who Can Attend this Event?
This event is free for active CSCSW. Non-members may attend for $45. **NASW members receive a $15 discount through their NASW membership - **please contact Chapter Executive Director, Leanne Rupp at to receive the discount code before registering. Current social work students may attend for free after submitting proof of student status (copy of valid student id, current course schedule from registrar, etc). Register through the Event Page on the CSCSW website.


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