Neurodiversity 101 [CE Endorsed by NASW-CO]

NASWCO Chapter 0 236

Summary: Have you heard the term neurodiverse, but aren't quite sure what it means? Do you want to provide neurodiversity-affirming counseling, but aren't sure how to go about it?

Training includes:
• Judy Singer's neurodiversity concept
• The five common traits of sensory neurodivergence (for HSPs, ADHDers, and Autistics)
• Get a better understanding of misdiagnosis issues/overlaps for ADHD, ASD, PSTD, Social Anxiety, and MDD
• Basics of polyvagal theory and how it's responsible for the majority of issues NDs struggle with
• Learn about common ND communication differences and communicate better with clients
• Learn how to dismantle ableism, use best practices, and avoid harmful interventions

2 CEUs - endorsed by NASW-CO.

Pricing: $125



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