NASW-TX Virtual Conference

NASWCO Chapter 0 115

2020 NASW-TX Conference

Virtual Conference Partnership with NASW-TX on October 8-10. Thanks to NASW-CO advocacy, it’s now possible for all required 40 hours of CPD/CE to be in coursework* such as this extraordinary conference. View details and register by August 17 to save $30! NASW-CO Members please confirm your membership in an email to for the member discount promo code for the entire conference or for one day. *See this link for info:


Practice Standards Committee

NASWCO Chapter 0 4131

The Practice Standards Committee will be meeting virtually. Please contact committee chair, Elizabeth Schulte for more information.

The purpose of the Committee on Practice Standards is to examine areas of all social work practice and develop guidelines of ethical conduct. This committee does not function in lieu of the specially appointed NASW Committee on Inquiry, but rather in addition to such a committee. The Committee on Practice Standards focuses on areas in which standards of practice have not been developed, as well as areas where questions may have come forth regarding unclear interpretations of existing standards. The committee may issue advisory opinions regarding the practice of social work.

The Practice Standards Committee meets monthly and we welcome all members. To confirm a meeting date check the Community Calendar or contact the Chapter office.

The Committee has a consultative process that handles questions from members. This process guides members in the ethical decision-making process, but does not provide supervision or give legal advice. The Committee will accept questions/issues that have an impact on social work practice. You are invited to attend a meeting in person or by phone to bring the question/issue for discussion. Please contact the office to request the issue be added to a meeting agenda.


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