Notice of Upcoming Changes to the Licensure Exam Process for Colorado Social Workers

NASW Colorado recently received notification that the ASWB Clinical level exam will no longer be accepted for the LSW examination requirement in Colorado – the ASWB Masters level exam will be required & will be the ONLY exam permitted in order to obtain the LSW license in Colorado. Candidates for LCSW licensure will also be required to wait at least 2 years post-MSW program graduation & attest to having completed accrual of both the clinical supervision & work experience hours required to obtain LCSW licensure before they will be permitted to register for & take the ASWB Clinical exam moving forward.

The original planned implementation date for this change was set as July 1, 2021, but the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DoRA) & NASW Colorado requested & were granted by ASWB a temporary/short-term extension to this implementation date, which is now set as August 7, 2021.

Of note, on August 7, 2021 the ASWB Board of Directors will meet & consider a formal request from DoRA to further delay the implementation date for this licensure exam process change in Colorado in order to allow time for DoRA & other entities to develop & share public messaging & information regarding this upcoming process change. ASWB will notify NASW Colorado of the outcome of the Board’s decision following that meeting date, but for now, the implementation date for this change has been extended until August 7, 2021.

Candidates who apply for & receive an approval code from ASWB prior to August 7, 2021 to register for the ASWB Clinical exam will still be eligible to schedule & take the Clinical exam for the duration of their authorization to test (1 year). NASW Colorado has also confirmed with DoRA that those who are permitted to take the ASWB Clinical exam under this allowance/grace period will be permitted to apply passage of that Clinical exam to the exam requirement for LSW licensure.

Please reach out to NASW Colorado Executive Director, Leanne Rupp, LCSW at with questions, concerns, or requests for additional information regarding this upcoming licensure process change in our state.