Professional Development Resources

NASW-CO Clinical Supervision 101 "The Basics" Trainings

Webinar Based Training - 3 CEUs

Training is offered on demand through six prerecorded webinars (3 hours total instruction). Although we highly recommend that you attend one of our in-person Supervision Trainings, this offering is ideal for those who cannot easily attend in person (such as those living in the mountains or on the plains).

$80 non-members; $40 members - Register through NASW Social Work CE Online Institute

In-Person Trainings - 6 CEUs

Please visit our events calendar for information on upcoming trainings

This training builds on graduate-level social work skills and provides clinical supervisors with new tools to become more versatile in their roles. It is ideal for those interested in becoming clinical supervisors, or those who are new to clinical supervision. This is open to ALL mental health providers, not just MSWs, LCSW's, however the content is most specific to LCSWs.

During this interactive one-day training attendees will engage with other professionals to strengthen their understanding of today’s best practice knowledge and enhance their skills to function effectively in the role of clinical supervisor for licensure.

The training will address:
· Supervisory roles and functions
· Colorado State Regulatory (DORA) Requirements
· Models of Effective Supervision and Ethical Implications
· Strategies for Clinical Supervision and Best Practices for Individual and Group Supervision
· Common Challenges to Prepare for in Clinical Supervision
· Leadership and Concepts for Further Learning

6.0 hours of CE offered - Members: $75; Nonmembers: $150

If you would like to host a training with an NASW-CO Trainer for at least 8 trainees, please email

40 CPD Hours Due with License Renewal by August 31, 2019

As part of the license renewal process, LSWs and LCSWs must complete 40 Continuing Professional Development Hours every two years. See more info on the CPD page of the website.

NASW-CO members can access a recorded info session on the CPD process here.

Chapter CE Approved Providers

List of Approved CE Providers

Application Form for CE Provider Approval

Continuing Education Approved Providers are not offered directly by NASWCO but are approved by the Chapter to award CE Credits to participants.  CE credits may be utilized for DORA Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements for license renewal. 

NASW's Online CE Institute offers hundreds of CE courses in a variety of formats—webinars, webcasts, podcasts, presentations, and more. All courses offered through this program are NASW-accredited, and NASW members receive discounted prices. Affordable learning at your pace and on your terms. 

Affordable Webinars/Online Learning through NY State Chapter

Through a new partnership with the New York State NASW Chapter, you are able to take advantage of some VERY affordable online programs, for as little as $15, listed here - CO NASW members should choose the option for non-NY-State NASW members (those who aren't NASW members pay more).

Training on NASW Code of Ethics Revisions Available on Demand

Updates to the Code of Ethics went into effect on January 1, 2018. Training and technical assistance opportunities are available through the NASW Office of Ethics and Professional Review and the NASW website. You can order a copy of the new Code by calling NASW Press at 800.227.3590. View Frequently Asked Questions for a listing of the revised sections.

NASW Journals

Earn CPD Hours by reading Journals produced by the NASW Press, which are among the most highly cited in the social services.  See available Journals such as:  Social Work, Children & Schools, Health & Social Work, Social Work Research, and Social Work Abstracts.  For information on CPD requirements and the types of allowable activities go here.