Jurisprudence Exam Help


DORA requires their online Jurisprudence Exam to be taken prior to licensure as an LSW, LCSW or out of state applicants seeking licensure by endorsement. The following guide has been developed based on the content outline of the exam that DORA provides and on CO statute and DORA Rules that affect social workers.

Note that the Jurisprudence Exam is separate and distinct from the National ASWB Exams.  For info on preparing for those exams see the ASWB website and Exam Prep on our website. 

Basics on Taking the Exam

      • Exam tests knowledge of state laws and ethical standards that regulate the practice of Social Work in CO
      • Given online through a DORA website portal; you are given an individual pass code to use to sign in
      • Exam fee is currently $20 (subject to change)
      • Exam is not timed; you have 60-day period to complete it once started
      • Exam is "open book"; however, this is a misnomer as there IS NO BOOK, rather it is based on the volumes of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) and on DORA Board Rules and Policies
      • You are not permitted to collaborate with others and take the exam "together" - DORA does random audits of test answers to ensure this isn't happening and you can be held accountable if found to be collaborating with other test takers
      • If you fail, there is no limit on how many times it can be repeated, but you must wait 10 days before re-testing and pay the fee again
      • There are 45 questions which rotate from a pool of questions; they are weighted by importance in scoring
      • Test results are calculated on a scale of 200 - 800; a minimum score of 500 is needed to pass
      • Upon completion, you are Issued a Results Report; print it out & follow the instructions regarding license application
      • Upon sign up, you agree to DORA's Terms & Conditions - read this carefully; the exam is under Copyright and may NOT be reproduced, copied, transcribed, photographed, etc., or shared


Jurisprudence Exam - Online User Guide, Outline, Exam Resources and Registration Information

Exam Resources & Links

Statute:  Mental Health Practice Act.  See DORA website for most up-to-date statute; Key Areas:

      • Disclosure of Confidential Info  
      • Mandatory Disclosure  
      • Prohibited Activities  
      • DORA Board Duties  
      • Disciplinary Proceedings 
      • Social Work section  

DORA Board:  Social Work Rules and Regulations - click link to "current version" on SOS website; Key Areas:

      • Records Required & Record Retention
      • Clinical Supervision & Post-degree Supervised Work Experience Requirements

DORA Board:  Social Work Practice Policy(s) ; Key Areas:

      • Teletherapy  
      • Dual Relationships 

DORA Continuing Professional Competency Program for Social Workers

Additional Important Statutes (you can search them here: https://advance.lexis.com/container?config=0345494EJAA5ZjE0MDIyYy1kNzZkLTRkNzktYTkxMS04YmJhNjBlNWUwYzYKAFBvZENhdGFsb2e4CaPI4cak6laXLCWyLBO9&crid=eab27e17-f794-45e8-a137-47ae6b93a99a

Statute: Care & Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness 

      • Emergency Procedure (72-hour hold)  
      • Who May Effect a 72-hour Hold  
      • Age of Consent to Mental Health Treatment  

Statute:  Children's Code

      • Persons Required to Report Child Abuse & Neglect  

 Statute:  Wrongs to At Risk Adults

      • Mandatory Reports of Abuse and Exploitation of at-risk elders and at-risk adults 

Additional NASW Resources:

NASW:  Code of Ethics and  Standards of Practice

NASW Colorado Chapter:  Practice Guidelines

NASW Colorado Chapter: Video Info Session