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Exam Prep Course

The Colorado Chapter has signed on with the NASW-Ohio Chapter to offer this unique resource: 

PassItPro: Online Review Course + 50 Sample Questions + Study Group

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Preparing for the social work license exam through ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards)?

You don’t have to face the challenge of test preparation on your own. Passitpro’s online program allows you to listen, see and learn the essential content for the ASWB exam and master the method for identifying the right answers and concepts.

Here’s what we offer: A reserved seat! Anywhere, any time, the course is here for you.

·      90-day online course: Our course includes 6.5 hours of video, text, and voice content with full explanations of all the essential content so you have the prep you need to succeed.

·      Tutoring with an Expert Teacher: Choose our “Plus” version and our expert teachers will explain, demonstrate, and give feedback as you master and practice our unique method to extract key information and understand how to answer ASWB exam questions.

·      Practice Exam Questions:  And at the end of each course section, there are 10 practice exam questions (50 total) to measure what you have learned.  We now offer a full 170 question practice exam to try out what you have learned and assess your test readiness.

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Idelle Datlof, LISW-S, who has been teaching and tutoring social workers to prepare for the exam since June 2009, has developed a three-part learning plan to offer test-takers a unique approach for their preparation. First, take the online course and listen to it as often as you need to. You will have access to the course for 30 days. Review, review, review, and commit key facts and concepts to memory. Next, transform this knowledge into skill by answering sample questions which test your ability to identify how social workers practice. In addition, learn how the test questions are constructed, how to choose between two good answers, how to find the clues in the questions, which questions to ask yourself to uncover the concept being tested, and how to replace anxiety with substitute behaviors. Then, join a 90-minute study group (included in the fee), led by an expert teacher live via videoconferencing, where you will have special access to sample questions that will illustrate the strategies and where you can ask the questions on your mind, to get expert feedback.


Passitpro Basic Plan = $195

Passitpro Plus Plan = $245

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How It Works:
After you register and pay for this course you will receive an e-mail requesting you log-in to the website. (Note: It may take up to 24 hours before access to the course is provided.) When you log-in you will have access to the course, presented as five separate video segments. Then answer the 50 sample questions, ten questions for each segment of the course. Then go to, to choose a study group from the calendar.

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Continuing Education Credit:
CEUs are provided for social workers through the NASW Ohio Chapter provider number. When you complete the course you will submit a survey and post-test. After you submit this information, your CEU certificate will be e-mailed to you NASW Ohio Chapter is unable to provide refunds to participants who pay for and take the course and later discover that the CEUs are not eligible in the state where they are licensed.