License Inactive Status

Inactive Status

Licensees who are not practicing social work in the State have two options:

1. Inactive Status: Inactive Status requires a quick application which can be requested by calling our renewal hotline at 303.894.2984. Since we are in the middle of renewal, this application will simultaneously renew their license and place it on inactive status. An Inactive license still must be renewed every two years similar to an active license. They will pay the same renewal fee but will not need to complete the CPD or Healthcare Professions Profile in order to renew an Inactive License.

2. Lapsed Status: Allowing a license to expire, or “lapse,” is the other option. This is nearly identical to Inactive Status except 1) there is no application necessary, and 2) there is no renewal or renewal fee required to be lapsed. From the Board/regulatory perspective, lapsed is otherwise identical to inactive. Both entail the licensee is not actively practicing social work in Colorado and both have the same requirements to return back to active status. In short, some licensees simply associate a negative connotation with the words “Expire” or “Lapse” therefore prefer to pay the money for an “Inactive” license status.

Anyone who is considering going inactive or allowing the license to lapse, should definitely review the DORA Board rules so they can prepare accordingly. Reactivating/Reinstating a license requires the licensee to demonstrate their Continuing Professional Competence and may additionally require they demonstrate Competency to Practice if they are inactive/lapsed more than two years.

To reactivate an inactive license or reinstate an expired/lapsed license, they will need to do the following to demonstrate their Continuing Professional Competence:

1. Complete the CPD program requirements including demonstration of their completion of 40 Professional Development Hours accrued within the 2 years preceding the application to reactive/reinstate.

2. Complete a Healthcare Professions Profile

If the licensee has been inactive/lapsed for more than 2 years they will additionally need to take the Jurisprudence Exam and do ONE of the following options to demonstrate their Competency to Practice:

1. Take the licensure examination

2. Demonstrate they were practicing in a different jurisdiction

3. Accrue an additional 10 Professional Development Hours for each year they were inactive/lapsed.

4. Other means approved by the Board.

The above is a paraphrase so NASWCO strongly encourages these candidates to review the DORA Board Rules.