Supervision Hours Require LSW

LSW* Requirement for LCSW

If you are working toward your LCSW it is REQUIRED that you be an LSW (or Registered in the Unlicensed Registered Psychotherapist Database*). If you are not in compliance, DORA will not count any supervision or work experience hours. NASWCO strongly encourages all masters level social workers to get their LSW, rather than register in the Unlicensed Registered Psychotherapist Database, as the LSW license is specific to our profession and may allow billing insurance in certain settings like FQHCs.

This deadline does NOT mean that you must have all your experience and supervision hours completed by August 31st, 2009 if you do not have an LSW.  It is interpreted to mean that any hours earned before August 31, 2009 may count without an LSW, but for any hours earned after August 31, 2009 to be counted you must have an LSW*.  Dependiing on your situation, you may be submitting an LCSW application at some point in the future with "mixed" hours - some earned before August 31st without an LSW, and some earned after that date with an LSW.  What is most important is that after August 31, 2009 you get your LSW* if you are earning hours toward an LCS