NASW-CO PACE Endorsements

PACE is the political action arm and a subsidiary of NASW. As a political action committee, PACE endorses and financially contributes to candidates who support NASW's policy agenda, irrespective of party affiliation. The national PACE Board of Trustees endorses and contributes to federal candidates running for U.S. House and Senate seats; the Colorado Chapter PACE Committee decides on local and state races. 

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2022 NASW-CO PACE Committee Endorsements

Endorsed Candidates                                            District

    • Meg Froelich - D                                                  HD03
    • Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez - D                           HD04
    • Leslie Herod - D                                                   HD08
    • Emily Sirota - D                                                    HD09
    • Karen McCormick - D                                           HD11
    • Julie McCluskie - D                                              HD13
    • Mary Bradfield - R                                                HD21
    • Monica Duran - D                                                 HD23
    • Lindsey Daugherty - D                                         HD24
    • Colin Larson - R                                                   HD25
    • Brianna Titone - D                                                HD27
    • Chris Kennedy - D                                                HD30
    • Dafna Michaelson Jenet - D                                 HD32
    • David Ortiz - D                                                      HD38
    • Iman Jodeh - D.                                                    HD41
    • Judy Amabile - D                                                  HD49
    • Mary Young - D                                                    HD50
    • Barbara McLachlan - D                                        HD59
    • Dylan Roberts - D                                                 SD8
    • Lisa Cutter - D                                                      SD20
    • Kyle Mullica - D                                                    SD24
    • Faith Winter - D                                                    SD25

2020 NASW-CO PACE Committee Endorsements 

ENDORSED Candidates District
Rep Susan Lontine - D HD01
Rep Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez - D HD04
Rep Leslie Herod - D HD08
Rep Emily Sirota, MSW - D HD09
Judy Amabile (candidate) - D HD13
Rep Colin Larson - R HD22
Rep Chris Kennedy - D HD23
Rep Monica Duran - D HD24
Rep Lisa Cutter - D HD25
Rep Dylan Roberts - D HD26
Rep Brianna Titone - D HD27
Lindsey Daugherty (candidate) - D HD29
Rep Dafna Michaelson Jenet - D HD30
Rep Yadira Caraveo - D HD31
Rep Kyle Mullica - D HD34
Iman Jodeh (candidate) - D HD41
Rep Dominique Jackson - D HD42
Rep Daneya Esgar - D HD46
Rep Bri Buentello - D HD47
Rep Mary Young - D HD50
Rep Barbara McLachlan - D HD59
Rep Julie McCluskie - D HD61
Sen Joann Ginal - D SD14
Sen Stephen Fenberg - D SD18
Sen Rachel Zenzinger - D SD19
Sen Dominick Moreno - D SD21
Senator Rhonda Fields - D SD29
David Ortiz (candidate) - D HD38
Tracy Kraft-Tharp, MSW - D
Jonathan Singer, MSW - D
Jefferson County Commissioner
Boulder County Commissioner

2020 NATIONAL PACE Committee Congressional Endorsements

2019 NASW-CO PACE Committee Endorsements

  • Ray Talley, MSW - St Vrain School District, Greeley-Evans District 6; WON
  • Candi CdeBaca, MSW - Denver City Council, District 9 (SOCIAL WORKER); WON

2018 NASW-CO PACE Committee Endorsements 

  • Jeff Bridges (D) - re-election for House District 3 in the Arapahoe County area; WON
  • Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez (D) - running for House District 4 in Denver; WON (former CASEWORKER)
  • Leslie Herod (D) - re-election for House District 8 in Denver; WON
  • Emily Sirota, MSW (D) - running for House District 9 in Denver area; WON (SOCIAL WORKER)
  • Jonathan Singer, MSW (D) - re-election for House District 11 in Longmont and eastern Boulder County; WON (SOCIAL WORKER)
  • Lois Landgraf (R) - re-election for House District 21 in the Fountain area
  • Chris Kennedy (D) - re-election for House District 23 in the Lakewood/Golden area; WON
  • Dylan Roberts (D) - re-election for House District 26 in Steamboat Springs area; WON
  • Tracy Kraft-Tharp, MSW (D) - re-election for House District 29 in parts of Arvada and Westminster; WON (SOCIAL WORKER)
  • Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D) - re-election for House District 30 in the areas of Commerce City and Aurora; WON
  • Matt Gray (D) - re-election for House District 33 in the Broomfield County area; WON
  • Dominique Jackson (D) - re-election for House District 42 in Aurora; WON
  • Bob Rankin (R) - re-election for House District 57 in Craig and Glenwood Springs areas; WON
  • Marc Catlin (R) - re-election for House District 58 in Montrose area; WON
  • Barbara McLachlan (D) - re-election for House District 59 in the Durango area; WON
  • Jim Wilson (R) - re-election or House District 60 in Cañon City and Salida areas; WON
  • Leroy Garcia (D) - re-election for Senate District 3 in Pueblo area; WON
  • Don Coram (R) - re-election for Senate District 6 in Durango and Montrose areas; WON
  • Pete Lee (D) - running for Senate District 11 in Colorado Springs area; WON
  • Tammy Story (D) - running for Senate District 16 in the Conifer area; WON
  • Jessie Danielson (D) - running for Senate District 20 in Jefferson County; WON
  • Brittany Pettersen (D) - running for Senate District 22 in Lakewood/Littleton area; WON
  • John Kefalas - running for Larimer County Commissioner; WON
  • Caring 4 Denver Ballot Initiative; PASSED

2018 NASW-National PACE Committee Endorsements for U.S. Congressional Candidates

Candidates, or their campaigns, must respond to survey or interview in order to be considered for National PACE endorsement; candidates who did not respond could not be endorsed. 

  • Diana DeGette - CO 1st U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District; WON 
  • Ed Perlmutter - CO 7th U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District; WON
  • Diane Mitsch Bush - CO 3rd U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District; DEFEATED

Read the complete list of National PACE-endorsed 2018 candidates