DORA Healthcare Professionals Profiling Program

HPPP/Skolnik Act Requirements

Read the 2016 updated article from DORA here.

The Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act was originally passed in 2007 and only applied to physicians. The Act required physicians to complete online questionnaires or “profiles”. The intent behind this law was for the consumers in Colorado to have access to information about their physicians so they could make more informed healthcare decisions. In 2010, the Colorado legislature passed the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act of 2010. This expanded the profiling requirement to include 22 additional license types including Social Work. For more info from DORA on HPPP go to their website.

All licensees will need to create a new user ID and password on their first visit to the HPPP system here.

As part of license renewal in August 2011, licensees have to comply with these two new programs: HPPP and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Compliance with these two programs does not automatically renew your license - you will still need to follow the steps for license renewal during the license renewal period.